About Us – Palisades National Ski Patrol

Palisades National Ski Patrol (PNSP) is an organization of approximately 85 unpaid volunteers who are trained in Outdoor Emergency Care, CPR, and winter rescue. We combine our first aid and skiing skills to serve the ski area and public at Palisades Tahoe. While on duty, we patrol as agents of the resort and work under the direction of the Palisades Ski Patrol Department. You can identify us by the red jackets with the white cross on the back. Together with the paid patrol staff, we are among the first ones on the mountain in the morning and we are the last ones off, regardless of weather or snow conditions

Our primary function is to provide basic life support, first aid, rescue, and on-the-slope transportation to injured resort guests. Besides first aid and winter rescue duties, volunteer patrol members frequently assist with the skier safety program on the two-mile long Mountain Run to ensure the general safety of the skiing/snowboarding public at Palisades Tahoe.

We continually strive to improve our service to the skiing public as well as the ski patrol community. Our patrollers regularly train each other, as well as visitors from other ski patrols in the western U.S. An annual highlight of the season is the three-day advanced ski and toboggan enhancement seminar offered to patrollers seeking to improve their skills.



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